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Vernon Jordan III

Vernon Jordan III

Vernon Jordan III

Vernon Jordan, III (King V, on the mic) is a Philly born 'n raised Writer, Filmmaker, and Poet. He is interested in stories about the interior lives of Black people - especially Black youth - and has a lifelong preference for the supernatural, technologically different, and otherwise speculative/magical/funky shit. As an AfroFuturist, he believes Black artists play a vital role in shaping futures and recovering pasts. Recently moved to NYC, Vernon can be found sipping Jasmine Teas and writing scripts, as a Screenwriting MFA candidate at Brooklyn College's Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema .

Follow him on Twitter @AfroJediii.​

Work by This Artist

See My Dreams Come True poster art
By Vernon Jordan III

A lyrical lament that gently reaches for the sublime.

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~ James Baldwin

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